Chefs Owners: Salvatore & Jenny

We are proud of the path that led us to this century old building that is now Moscato Italian Restaurant. The charming building spoke to us of history & tradition in this small rural town.

It brings us great happiness to share with you our combined talents in this joint venture. Without the support of both our spouses, Juan Carlos & Charlie and our 4 beloved dogs, Teo, Vinnie, Kona & Nala, this adventure would not be so joyful.

Salvatore Moscato, born in Vittoria Sicily, steeped in the traditions of the old country, decided at a young age to pursue life in America. He has lived in New Jersey, Puerto Rico and Arizona. In a culinary career spanning many years, he now choses to showcase his talent with modern interpretations of his mother & grandmothers tradional fare.

Jenny Robbins, born on a remote farm in Nakuru Kenya, lived off the grid & out of necessity, learned to live a self sustained life. She has lived in California, Hawaii & Arizona. The skills learned over time have led to a long career in culinary which eventually crossed paths with Salvatore.

Moscato: “Don’t let the old building fool you. Although it looks like something out of Bonanza, the food inside is authentic Italian” – Kathy Montgomery, Arizona Highways 2020.

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